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Anchor Self Storage

1050 Sonoma Blvd (Hwy 29)
Vallejo, California

- 1 Story facility
- 2 Story manager's building
    1st floor office
    2nd floor apartment
- Approx. 96,000 gross sf on 3.9 Acres
- Approx 623 Units
This project is located at the corner of Sonoma Blvd and Solano Ave., a site which had been undeveloped since WWII during the war effort.  The ship building history of Vallejo along with a large anchor monument at the intersection, a part of the City's maritime themed public art along the waterfront, was the basis for the facility's name, Anchor Self Storage.

Cubix and its development partners worked closely with the land owners and the City to make use of a site that had not seen interest from commercial or industrial developers in part due to the local economic conditions and its proximity to a nearby City water treatment plant.  In spite of strong support from the City Planning Department and a prior approval of a Self Storage on this site, a small opposition group lead by a neighbor with misguided apprehensions about the impacts of a storage facility was able to find some holes in the City's zoning code which lead to the City shelving the entitlements.  The approvals were finally granted after over a year of effort following the City amending the Zoning text to strengthen the language specifically allowing self storage on this site.  Even with the amended favorable zoning for a storage facility the Planning Commission still denied the project only to be over-ruled by the City Council with a strong rebuking of the Commission by the Mayor at the final public hearing.

The development had to contend with modifying or relocating existing easements to maximize the net rentable area.  The facility is powered by solar, and also benefits good signage enhanced by the inclusion of storefront along the street frontages to display roll-up doors further identifying the property.  Construction went smoothly in the facility opened on schedule.