planning / design / construction / management of quality self-storage facilities

Bay Area Self Storage


2185 Stone Avenue
San Jose, California

- 1 story facility
- 2 story manager's building
    1st floor office
    2nd floor apartment.
- Approx. 95,000 gross sf on 4+ AC
- Approx. 650 Units
The project is located at the corner of Curtner Avenue and Stone Avenue which presented a unique condition where the site sits quite a bit lower than Curtner Avenue as it rises to cross a set of railroad tracks.  This steep change in elevation impacted both storm water run-off and visibility by potential customers from Curtner Avenue.  The issue of storm water runoff was dealt with through the use of drainage ditches, bio-swales and a detention pond, all placed within primarily unbuildable setback and easement areas.  The limited visibilty from Curtner was alleviated by building a substantial tower element at the manager's building, in essence becoming a beacon serving as a focal point for the project.
In addition to the tower element we strategically placed roll-up doors behind storefront windows along the street frontages to further advertise the location as a self storage facility.
A future 2 story addition is planned at the west of the site where the massing of the taller structure will be mostly hidden from view due to the elevation change at Curtner Avenue.  The construction of the future 2nd floor addition is planned so as to not displace the existing first floor tenants.  The site is also prepped with infrastructure for future a solar power conversion.