planning / design / construction / management of quality self-storage facilities

Bay Area Self Storage

1150 19th Avenue
San Mateo, California

- 1 & 3 story facility
- 2 story manager's building
    1st floor office
    2nd floor apartment.
- Approx. 137,000 gross sf on 3+ AC
- Approx. 1100 Units
The project was developed on a site that is a collection of 7 parcels that were combined to create a viable piece of land for a storage facility.  One of the unique challenges for the site was that the underlying soil is young bay mud which is highly compressible and prone to substantial settlement.  This resulted in constructing the buildings on mat slabs up to 12" thick extending up to 5'-0" beyond the building perimeter, to effectively float the buildings as a whole over the soil movements.  Utilities also had to be considered and flex joints were used to mitigate potential damage due to anticipated substantial settlement.
The facility is highly visible from both Highway 92 and 101 giving the project a distinct marketing advantage, however this exposure also genterated extensive inputs from the City's Design Review Board.  The end result are 1 story buildings around the perimeter to set back the massing of the 3 story buildings.  Also the 3 story buildings have articulation in the facades and gabled roof lines to resemble 2 story office buildings more so than of the traditional storage buildings.