planning / design / construction / management of quality self-storage facilities

Company History

          Cubix Construction Company and its predecessors Camping Construction (1953-1990), and Plymouth Construction (1948-1953), have been in the design and construction business in the Western United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Australia, since 1948.

          Up until the mid 1970’s, the focus of the Company had been the industrial and commercial building field.  The Company has built 42 neighborhood shopping centers, 81 churches, a number of cold-storage plants, office buildings, and some residential structures.  The Company has also designed and built some institutional and government buildings, including the main Post Office in Alameda, California, which is still owned and leased by the Company to the US Government.  
Mr. Stanley Boersma joined the firm in 1956 and had been it principal owner and president since the mid 1970’s. In 1985, Stanley’s son, Edward Boersma, joined the management of the firm after several years of practical construction training in the field with the company.  Stanley Boersma retired at the end of 2006 after 50 years of service and Edward now carries on the role as owner and President.

          In 1972 the Company built its first Self-Storage facility for Kaiser Aetna in Pacheco, California.  After completing that project, the Company realized that standard construction methods were inefficient and costly for this type of use.  The Company developed new design concepts and standardized construction systems that resulted in a higher quality product providing a competitive edge for the owner and greater security and access for the tenants.  The Cubix Construction Company Self-Storage concept has become the model for the industry.  Cubix's recently retired president, Mr. Stanley Boersma has, on several occasions, been the featured speaker for the Self-Storage Association's seminars on the construction of Self-Storage facilities.  The Company also participates in S.O.N., a local network of Self Storage operators and developers, and has built in excess of 300 projects, containing a total of more than 20 million square feet of storage buildings for such companies as:
           Public Storage - Pasadena       Self Storage Company       - Los Angeles            
             Kaiser Aetna - Oakland            Crocker’s Lockers - Santa Inez              
  ER Development - Oakland   Whorton Development    - San Jose  
  Grupe Properties Co. - Stockton       Sobrato Development Co.     - San Jose  
  Hunter Properties - Cupertino   Pegasus Group -Walnut Creek  
  Extra Space - Salt Lake   Classic Communities - Palo Alto  

          The Boersmas are principal owners of a chain of Self Storage facilities the Company developed and now operates under the trade name, Allsafe Self Storage, with sites located in the San Francisco Bay Area (7 locations), Amsterdam (9 locations), and recently sold a facility in Sydney Australia. Cubix Construction and it’s sister company, Allsafe Management LLC, is active in the management of these self-storage properties.  Cubix is currently involved in the development of additional facilities for its own account as well as the design and construction of various projects for other clients.