planning / design / construction / management of quality self-storage facilities

North Milpitas Self Storage

1 Hanson Ct.
, California

- 1 Story facility with structural
   preparations for a future 2nd floor on
   one building
- 2 Story manager's building
    1st floor office
    2nd floor apartment
- Approx. 101,000 gross sf on 4.3 Acres
   w/ and additional potential 2nd phase of
- Approx 722 Units (Phase 1)
This project is located in northeast quadrant of the very dense Silicon Valley and will be the redevelopment of a former industrial manufacturing site with a colorful hazmat background.  The nature of the self storage as non-occupied land use make for an ideal redevelopment opportunity in a strong market whereas many other land uses might not be allowed to develop on this site.

This site is advantaged by being fully paved, something that used to be an economic burden, however with the recent storm water control regulations mandating limits to post construction run-off as compared to the  preconstruction condition, developing a fully impervious site negates having to detain the run-off.

The site is challenged by multiple easements that involve adding, modifying, or relocating existing easements to maximize the net rentable area.  The facility will be powered by solar, and also benefits from a tower element on the manager's office that will be visible to the major thoroughfare, North Milpitas Blvd as well as signage facing the newly extended adjacent BART tracks.

Given the strong demand in the Silicon Valley area, the facility was designed and approved to add a 2nd floor to one of the interior buildings offering a future potential increase of 36,000sf.

Approved by Planning 10/27/14
Expected construction start Fall '16